St George and dragon costume.


I just googled St Georges’ day and look what I stumbled across, The most unhappy man in a costume.

It reminds me of when I offered to do a charitable fancy dress and ended up in a restaurant dressed as Douglas, (the Lurpak butter man!) on my 18th birthday, complete with fat suit. It was incredibly uncomfortable and the head was unfortunately deceiving in weight. So when I laughed and threw my head back, I accidently went too far and headbutted the wife (of the MD of Lurpak.)







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Nadia The Witch

I’m starting to get worried. I think that after 4 months I start to feel the symptoms:

  • Baking cakes nearly every week.
  • Cook curry chicken.
  • Drink tea all day long and stop complaining about the quality of the British coffee.
  • Do shopping when I go to Spain, because the prices are… so cheap!!!
  • Compulsively say “That’s lovely dear!”. In any context.

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Mod is the new indie…

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The Boozy Bourgie


Fascinating short film by photographer Dean Chalkley on the resurgence of 60’s Mod culture in the twenty first century.  The film showcases eight British mods and their equal love of music and sartorial style. Finally, Guys who can pull of capes, now, I want one.

Like this one from Black Fleece.

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Hello world!

Hello World!

This is my first post on my very first blog page and I’m learning as I go along.

My little sausage dog is my companion whilst I’m writing to you.

I will be posting details about ‘How Very British’ products and all things made in Britain.

I am keen to highlight all items British and throw in some of my very british humoured illustrations along the way.

Happy reading and hope Rene and I inspire you.

Enjoy x